Friday, September 19, 2014

Living Pretty With Your Pets: Our Styled Suburban Life

Let me tell you how much I love love love how this week's guest is including her pets in their family life. Laura from  Our Styled Suburban Life and her husband are special kind of people. I'm totally digging it. A long time ago Laura reached out to me and I started following her on Instagram. I can only say that the photos of her pets cheer me up every time. Just wait until you see them.

{most of the amazing photos are by Lindsey Koch Photography}

Hi there!  I'm Laura and I have a blog called Our Styled Suburban Life that I love sharing all things pets, home decor, fashion, new baby, and just pictures of our life!  My Brussels Griffons have always been the stars of my blog, and I love it!  I think pets are one of the greatest gifts in life and LOVE great pet owners!  The world could use more of you!  Here is a little background with my girls Sprinkles, Chimi and Sushi!

Sushi (black and white cat) was my first born and started the fulfillment of my dream of always having a pet to call my own.  Growing up my family always had a dog and a cat but I always wanted my OWN animal.  So Sushi filled that void! :)

I was an NFL Cheerleader for six years and once I was "retiring" from that I knew the first thing I would do is get a dog, and that is where Sprinkles came in!  I fell in love with the breed on "As Good As It Gets" and knew I would someday need a Brussels!  Sprinkles became my instant best friend and companion and came everywhere with me.  When she was a puppy and I would walk her, people wouldn't ask "what type of dog is that?" they would ask, "what IS that?" :)

I met my now husband Nate in 2009 and he instantly fell in love with Sprinkles.  We knew we wanted to get another Brussels at some point, but little did I know when he proposed he surprised me with Chimi!  He still thinks I was more excited about her than the ring - it's debatable. :)

We also had our girls in our wedding.  They came for some photos, and we had our flower girls walk them down the aisle.  Well, the flower girls got nervous and let go of the leashes and the dogs went running amuck!  We loved it! :)

Of course we also had them as Nate's groom's cake, and we had cupcake toppers made with their little faces and our wedding cake toppers were them.  A little over board, but that is us! :)

We love how they are best friends (sometimes friends with Sushi, sometimes not) and not only need to be around us, but need to be with each other.  They are such good sisters!

A few months ago we noticed Sprinkles had a slight limp, and we kept our eye on her but were prepared to bring her into the vet.  A few days later we woke up and she couldn't even move her back legs.  We rushed her to the vet and long story short, she needed emergency spine surgery because her lower half was paralyzed.  It was one of the scariest times of my life knowing she was going in for such a serious and immediate surgery.  She had quite a long recovery and will never be the same, but we are SO thankful that she is able to get around on her own again.  Thank you great veterinarians!  Times like this makes you appreciate your pets more than ever, and it also was so great to receive support, prayers and encouragement from readers and fellow Instagrammers.  There are so many wonderful pet lovers out there!

We just added our first human to the bunch 3 weeks ago!  The little girls have been loving their new brother Bradley and it is so sweet to see them snuggle.

We will definitely raise Bradley to be a responsible pet owner and how to appropriately greet new animals, treat them, and respect them.  Thank you so much for letting me share about my pets!  We love them like family!

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To read more animal posts you can click HERE.

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They even had a little mobile made for Bradley's nursery, how cute is that?

Did you see the guy's face at their wedding? He cracked me up!!

What an adorable (and gorgeous) family! Now hop on over for a visit by clicking HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.
Start hash-tagging your photos on Instagram with #livingprettywithyourpets so I can see all your cute family members.

I think I'm only posting Tuesday and Friday next week.

Have a great weekend friends.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Looking for a crafting station for my daughter

Since our daughter is really struggling lately more than ever (click HERE), her favorite thing is to spend time in her room and do crafts and paint. It's her little safe spot. So I thought that I would look into getting her a desk for her upcoming birthday. I know she would totally love it. I had previously been looking on Craisglist for a while to find that perfect vintage piece, midcentury modern piece would be gorgeous like my friend Cassie (click HERE) just found for her living room, but I haven't had any luck. So I might have to just buy one.

I want it to be smaller scaled, affordable, but with lots of storage for supplies but also be a little girly and pretty.

I have been shopping around and here are a few options I like:

 It is on sale for $199 which isn't bad at all
click HERE)

(click HERE)

This one has even better storage but is more than I wanted to spend at $369. I can't picture pretty gold pulls on it too:

Or a customized Ikea version, but they actually end up being pricey too.

And here is Cassie's desk which looks gorgeous and has just the right amount of storage. It's so pretty! I've seen similar options at West Elm but I don't even need to list them here because at $800-$900 they are out. Not an option unfortunately.

I think this set up is really functional and cool too, minus the cabinet in the center to make it function more as a desk. It could be used for many other things later in life:

click HERE

As for desk chairs, she wants one that swivels so she can sit higher. I really love this acrylic one but at $179, I don't think that will happen:

click HERE

Love this one in all white at Overstock:

click HERE

But the Ikea SKRUVSTA isn't cheap at $149 either :( It sure looks comfortable!

At $19.99 the pink SNILLE might the a winner again. My son has it in red already. Not the most comfortable chair though:

I see a trip to Ikea coming up. I have to decide fast here!!



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